Welcome to the STARFLEET, Region 3

You have arrived at the website of what I believe is the BEST Region in the Fleet! We hope you join us here in Region 3, whether living in our Region (the states of Texas and Louisiana) and being on a meeting chapter, or by aligning yourself with one of the many fine correspondence chapters based in our Region.

Check out our Calendar for chapter and Region parties, events, and away missions happening in Region 3. If you have suggestion or see something missing, please send it to the webmaster using the contact us page. Check back here often to see what's going on this weekend.

If you're a new member of STARFLEET and in our Region, check out the Chapter List to find out which chapter is nearest to you. Please note that correspondence chapters are currently based in a city where the Commanding Officer resides, but may accept members from anywhere in the world. Please use the email addresses listed to get in touch with the chapter to inquire about the type of chapter they are and go to a meeting or event to meet them.

And, All STARFLEET Members are invited to join us in San Antonio, Texas, in 2015 for the Region 3 Summit 2015 If you've never been to a Summit, I suggest you try one out, especially since it's in our Region. It will be exciting! Check out the Summit Website!

Region 3, the best!

General (Admiral) Sam Black,
Regional Coordinator/Admiralty Board Member

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